I know that you have a schedule and a budget that you want to maintain. 


And I’m asking you to be fully committed to creating great design, choosing beauty and injecting magic.  All of these things can live in harmony.  I promise. 


I want to caution you that when you make the budget and the schedule the priority over the design, over creating beauty, well that’s how you have gotten yourself in to the past pickles isn’t it?  You’ve ended up with furniture that doesn’t last, that lacks the interest and the timeless beauty you crave.  Isn’t this true?


And I know that you need to buy furniture, area rugs, window coverings, bedding, towels and art like right now! 


And you can and you will be able to buy those pieces. 


BUT, you must first commit to the design process, commit to creating the vision so that your space turns out exactly how you want it to. 

Rushing out to the furniture showroom with your partner because it’s Saturday is NOT THE ANSWER! 


Shopping is the last thing you will do.  First you need get a designer mindset so you have the tools to make better choices. 


“But we are on a budget!  And we have a schedule!” 


Yes, I know.  Everyone does.  No matter what size house you have, everyone has a budget and a schedule.  This is where I come in. 


Together we will create great design that is appropriate for your schedule and budget all at the same time. 


Believe me.


Creativity loves constraints.  It gives the creativity a place to start.  So it’s time to open your mind and redefine what you think is possible!


You're a Boss Babe!


Does your home reflect that?




Buy less, choose well and decorate with soul. 


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