What I have been brought up to believe in has nothing to do with being religious and everything to do with connecting to our true nature, our energy. 

And as my interior design career began to take shape, I often found myself at Feng Shui workshops, learning about sacred geometry and holistic design.  I was so delighted to see the great changes we could create when we added these practices to our design work.   

Alignment for WELLNESS

What finally clicked for me meant creating design that feels good.  All we really want is to feel a sense of peace.  The outside world will always be busy and chaotic, developing a sense of inner peace allows us to access our personal power and vitality. 

  Designing with SOUL

Great style is remains at the forefront of good design, and the added perspective, does this create peace? 

You furniture placement, colors, use of natural materials, and other elements will be profound in creating a home that will rejuvenate your spirit and delight your senses. 

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Happy decorating,

xx J