I want you to up your game.  I want to give you this transformation that will skyrocket you to new levels.  And I want you to start now.  Here’s how….


Create movement

Upon entering a space, my mind flashes to everything that is screaming at me to be better.  I am fired up with vision.  And I want to make the changes now.   If you desire change in your home, the time is now.    


Create momentum

Get stuff out of the room that does not belong.  Let go of what is not being used.  Trust and have faith that this will improve your life.  I know that it may not be to make all of the changes now, but get to work on the things you CAN do.  Move the sofa to a new wall.  Pull that area rug out from under being totally hidden under the bed so you can actually walk on it.  Take down the old broken curtain rod.  Get rid of everything that is broken, stained, ripped and no longer important.  Get all of it out of sight.  Lighten your heavy load so your imagination can soar. 


Create progress

Start a vision board, saving images of all the things you love.  Get this going, spend a little bit of time on it each day so you are building up and creating a clear theme around the elements you are most drawn to.  And be sure to eliminate the images that suddenly seem unappealing.  Be ruthless in your editing.  Don’t hesitate remove what’s not good immediately. 


Make decisions, do not delay

Start by eliminating the options that do not work.  This is a great way to get to the heart of what does.  Be brutal, if something does not work let it go move on.  Keeping the momentum will support you in making the decisions.  Break the decision down to these 4 key factors:

1.    Does this keep with the vision of the room?  Or is it just something I like that doesn’t actually have a place in this particular space? 

2.    How do the lines of this piece balance and create harmony with the other elements?  Is it more of just the same of what I already have and will it just create a flat monotone look?

3.    What color / finish does this need to be in order to be enhance the surroundings?  Does it need to be the same color as some other elements so that is clean, quiet and modern?  Or will this be the right element to accentuate and create a pop? 

4.    Is it the required width, depth and height?  Do the arms of the chair work with the table?  Do you have an outlet for that lamp location?  Is the headboard tall enough or will the pillows just cover it up?  Is the sofa long and deep enough?  Are the nightstands wide and tall enough? 


Keep making progress

Maybe you can’t do everything you want to do right this minute.  But keep gathering information so that when you are ready its easy to make an informed decision.  Get organized and create a line by line budget and shopping list.  Start pinning those sofas, coffee tables, pillows, lamps, rugs you love now.  Check all of the sizes, wattage, colors / finishes now so its easier to decide when that time comes. 


Change maker

Things can always be so much better then they are.  Change feels really good.  A fresh new haircut feels really good; it puts a skip in your step.  Embracing in your home and committing to it will also create greater momentum in other areas of your life.  Even just move some things around to keep energy fresh and the space clean and clear. 



Up level your life, create that business, put yourself up for that promotion, improve your marriage, have better quality time with your kids.  All of this is possible when you commit to making your home the best it can be.  So that all the little things that bother you daily no longer eat up your valuable focus and energy. 

Breathe new life in

Has your furniture moved, are things are jammed up against each other with no breathing room?  Are the curtains being suffocated by the sofa and not hanging down properly?  Are your pillows all flat from being sat on?  Pull things away from the wall.  Give an inch or two of space between the sofa and the end table.  Fluff your pillows and curtains regularly so your space feels like a breath of fresh air.  


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