Do you find yourself dreaming about living in that gorgeous room you just saw on your favorite interior design blog?  Of course you do! 


But want to know a secret? 


It’s not just about those gorgeous spaces. 


Just like being healthy isn’t just about getting a six-pack.  It’s about health, cleansing, stretching, building up strength and endurance.  The six-pack is a side effect of the greater goal of health. 


One step that you can do right now that will send you to the moon with inspiration. 








In your room, in your garage, in your kitchen, in your closet, in your cabinets? 


My guess is YES. 


Want the power to totally transform your life, your attitude, and your personal power?  It’s totally free.  No therapist needed. 



It is the power of CLUTTER CLEARING. 



Believe it or not your stuff holds a massive amount of power over you.  And you can take back this control starting now. 


Clutter has a vicious cycle.  Start a small pile of it, and suddenly you add a few more things to the pile, and a few more, and a few more. 


What started out as an innocent pile has now grown to a pile of stuff that is creating a massive amount of stuck energy and literally starts to affect your life, your well being. 


Stuck energy, is stagnant energy.  And it changes your ability to be motivated, to have clarity, to feel your own personal power and vitality. 


I recently worked with my best friend and her husband.  They came to me wanting desperately to update and redesign their bedroom, for many reasons, comfort and beauty, but also feel a renewed sense of joy in their family life. 


Of course I had all ideas about what furniture, paint, colors, design ideas needed to transform the space.  But what I said to them was, “clear out your closets.  Take everything out.  Get rid of what you don’t use.  Do that and I’ll send you the new furniture and colors we will use to redecorate.” 


When I talked to them after they had spent one weekend cleaning out their two closets, they had filled (5) giant contractor trash bags with clothes they don’t wear, clothes that no longer resonate with where they’re at in life. 


They were totally shocked that much stuff came out of their closets!? Totally smiling and feeling so proud of themselves, we dove into approving the new design ideas. 



Ask yourself, do you want to feel FIERCE in your life? 



Do you want to feel POWERFUL? 



Use this very simple step to create massive transformation in your life right now. 


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Happy decorating,


xx J