Let’s focus on the two primary layers…..


Can we please take you from DRAB to FAB? 


I can’t take it anymore.  It’s time to talk about this.  I know you want to be comfortable.  But did you know that it is possible to be comfortable AND attractive at the same time?  Trying to wrap your head around this? 


It is possible! 


I know you want to feel excited every time you come home, and that you want to feel fabulous hosting your family and friends. 


What’s the solution? 


A commitment to simply choosing the vision for the space, and sticking to this every single step of the way. 

This means stop designing in reverse. 




Designing in reverse is going to stores shopping for what ever, maybe even buying with out any concern for the layout the size the color the style that would work in to the composition as a whole.  You see you are focusing on each individual piece and not on the end result. 





Then you send me a photo of something you just went and bought, asking me is this ok?


And then I have be all WTF?!  You didn’t consider the vision. 


Not only do I feel passionate about you spending your money wisely.  But I also want your space to be stunning! 


Being fabulous means a commitment to function, comfort and beauty.  All of which will mean you will be delighted every day to use your space. 



Doing something that will affect your joy daily seems like a good idea doesn’t it?



And the second key element I like to call the POWER POSITION. 


Where your furniture gets placed makes the difference between a room feeling small, overly crowded, uncomfortable and the feeling of spaciousness, easy to use, inviting and incredibly functional. 


Placement affects your well-being, your ability to focus and enjoy using your rooms. 



Follow my design formula to ensure you’re planning your spaces properly. 


When you determine your design in this order you are more likely to have a space you will actually love. 



2.    LAYOUT

3.    SIZE

4.    COLOR


6.    SHAPE

7.    STYLE



Be sure to follow these guidelines, they will ensure your success. 


  • If you change the order, you run the risk of something not turning out the way you intended.  Also you run the risk of increased frustration, financial loss and schedule delays. 
  • The design concept is there to help you get where you want to end up. 
  • Great design means keen sense of what items should be eliminated because they are not working with the overall concept.  It’s important to practice removing something that doesn’t fit in quickly. 
  • Always consult the plan and the concept for each decision.  Be aware of getting lured into the wrong direction. 


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Happy decorating,


xx J