If you haven’t heard me say this before, I’ll say it again now, YOU ALWAYS SHOP LAST, not first.

Got it?

So when you ask yourself to make an isolated decision before you’ve created a vision board for your space, and start trying to decide what that one specific thing in your room should look like, JUST STOP RIGHT THERE.

Consulting the vision board and creating the layout are ALWAYS STEP #1 when you want to redecorate, redesign, remodel, etc.

But I want to remind you and make a big deal out of this because you definitely do this. Plus at times it impossible not to, all those stores to shop in constantly, plus the on-line shopping world.

Consumerism wants you to believe in being distracted by all of their sales.

Guess what, I bet you 9 x out of 10 you don’t really need that item that’s on sale, do you?

THE REASON WE PRACTICE SHOPPING LAST is because, I want you to get into the habit of really really getting to know your personal style, getting really good at doing it. And the knowledge of BUYING LESS, BECAUSE YOU ARE CHOOSING WELL.

Does this make sense?

Over the long term think of how much time and money could perhaps get wasted on never really knowing your personal style. (all the houses you will furnish and all the clothes, accessories, etc you will need to buy). There are a whole load of DECISIONS that are required to have all these things you need in your life.

And it is MY GOAL to work with you, to guide you in the reasons why its always best to create a vision, a layout, a plan and then the shopping list. This means that when you do go shopping it is HIGHLY TARGETED.

The days are now over that you will wander aimlessly in stores. No more wasting hours and hours shopping, only to end up empty handed and more confused.

When you do go shopping it will be after a careful assessment of what you already have. Seeing what furniture and accessories you already have that would work into YOUR NEW VISION. And after creating a thoughtfully crafted design, layout, and then a shopping list of what you ACTUALLY NEED.

Again just remember to always do it in this order, as you will save yourself and its my goal as well, that you save yourself time, money and heartache FOR GOOD!

That’s right for good.

Are you ready for that?

Does it sound amazing to begin to really know, understand and then rock your personal style for LIFE?



Not only will you become the most badass version of yourself, which means increased energy and excitement, it means you have a new confidence, you start living a life as the new you.

And the amount of time and general frustration saved as well, the amount of decisions you need to make will become totally STREAMLINED TOO.



xx J


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