Damn it FEELS GOOD to be a GANGSTER...

Damn it FEELS GOOD to be a GANGSTER...
But why does it feel so good??

I guess for me, I was pretty much always a really good kid, and I always wanted to avoid getting into trouble.

And now, don't get me wrong, I still like to be good, but there is need for me to feel like I can be bad too. And that's my alter ego. So I just love feeling like a Gangster, Rebel, Revolutionary, Leader, Baller and Artist.

Leader Artist and Gangsters all have an attitude, and an air about them. They are lead and shape what people think. They get to make them all excited and juicy.

Just like an artist performing on stage who gets to control the audiences emotions. So too will your interior environment, aka YOUR HOME, affect how it makes you and everyone else feel.

So it’s really up to you to decide how do you want your environment to make everyone feel? What’s the vibe or mood you really want to feel? And why?

Do you want it to feel moody?
Do you want it to feel masculine?
Do you want it to feel relaxed?
Do you want it to feel sexy?
Do you want it to feel pretty?

And quite possibly you actually want a COMBO OF TWO. For example moody and masculine; pretty and relaxed; sexy and masculine.

Either way it feels good to be a gangster, so which gangster are you? And why do you want it?

You are the upgrade, gorgeous,

xx J


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