Have I spent 20 years working on the best residential interior design projects that money can buy? Yes.

Have I developed a taste and a brand of design that I love? Yes.

Being a part of creating homes that people love has been extremely rewarding. And along with it some of my favorite key philosophies have captured my heart and my desire help others understand how to create a home they will love.

I really love telling people what to do. There I said it. It’s true. Making decisions is really hard. In this world we are flooded with options that require our decision making process constantly. And this can be stressful as hell. Even just the decisions involved as you scroll through your Facebook posts; what to read, what to like, what to skim and what to pass up can be exhausting.

In the world of creating a home I have curated my favorite key design tricks, tips, looks, feels, functions to create the most beauty and ease.

The reality is that you will need to buy furniture, you will need to buy a rug, you will need to buy some window coverings, you will need to buy some towels, you will need to buy some art, and the list goes on.

What’s the most common comment I hear from people about their home? I have heard this probably every time from home owners of all different backgrounds, “I want to design and decorate, but I’m on a budget, so we probably can’t afford you and probably can’t afford what we need to do.”

This frustrates me beyond belief. Not because I want to design for every person who wants to talk with me. Not because I want to do everyone’s house. But because I can tell that the MINDSET of “we are on a budget” feels so self defeated already. Like we are just gonna shut down inspiration, ideas, desires and dreams, because of this thing called the bottom line.

UGH!? Magic is officially zapped!

I’m here to help you redefine what you think is possible.

There is creativity in all of the choices that we make. I want to help you buy less and choose well. The outcome of your home will bring you joy and delight, a sense of pride to share it with all of your friends and family, as well as give you a sense of adventure and intrigue. This is a journey and a commitment to your life being better. Your home will support you to live a better life.

Are you ready to commit to your journey of discovering your personal style, taking risks, finding your voice and creating a sense of adventure in your home?

If you are, GREAT! I applaud your decision.  

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Happy decorating,

xx J