And your old furniture looks stained and tired. Your house is empty and you just want a place to sit down. You want to be able to host your friends and family. You want to feel delighted and proud every time you come home. You know that you want to express your personal style at home. You know you want it to be chic, inviting, comfortable and family friendly.

And you know that the amount of decisions that is required to do this is overwhelming. Plus each decision will have to be mutually agreed to by your partner.

And now your excitement for your new home just shifted into overwhelm.

After 20 years working in some of the best residential interior design firms in SF, NYC and Miami, I have developed ways to create big impact and change in your home.

You want your house to become a home. You think the solution lies in going to furniture stores and to just start buying stuff. But the tough discussions with your partner begin, the decisions about which color, which size start to mount. And now you need a solution.

A clear vision and plan! Begin with SMART DESIGN DECISIONS to create A Home You Will Love.

Get un-stuck and out of overwhelm. Express your personal style and increase the value of your home.

Commit to yourself, to your home, to creating a better life. Know that it will be a process and a journey of discovering your personal style. Its time to take risks, find your voice, tell a story, create a sense of adventure and history.

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Happy decorating, xx J