I’ve heard from you that you’re not in your “dream home” yet. 

I’ve heard from you that you don’t like the way your room (bedroom, living, kitchen, bath, etc) is but you don’t know where to start and since you’re not in your dream home why bother doing anything. 


This utter defeat is not the attitude that my mom and I had when I was growing up.  We always made the most of what we had. 


Honestly growing up in the bay area, just 30 minutes south of San Francisco, my mom and I had a small modest cottage in a town that was next to the really affluent towns.  And I definitely always felt the difference between my friends families level of wealth compared to our much smaller home. 


But what my mom showed me, and perhaps is just part our DNA was to always make the most of what we had. 


So despite the fact that maybe we did not live on the nicest street, our home was always just that, a home.  It was beautiful, it was always in good condition, it was always freshly painted.  It always had gorgeous artifacts from my mom’s trips to Japan and India. 


And she taught me how to take care of what we had.  It became my job to dust all the shelves in the living room because that is where we had all of the beautiful objects on display.  And in the process of dusting I began to really enjoy re arranging our things.  Which then later lead to my love and career in interior design.  And later studying the art of placement for well being, aka Feng Shui, and much later something the Balinese practice for cleaning and clearing their energy inside their homes and temples, called space clearing. 


The bottom line is that no matter what space I may inhabit or my clients have we always make the most of what they have by creating a masterpiece with what we have. 


I know you believe in having a beautiful space so that you can THINK, so that you can have your friends over, so that feel that absolute pleasure when your space is incredibly comfortable, is exciting, is dynamic, functions the way you need it to. 


But first comes your COMMITMENT to knowing that having a beautiful space is something you want to start having right now today.  And not later when you have that dream house.  Because the truth is when you get that so called dream house, guess what?  You then start dreaming about some other bigger better different dream house. 


So the truth is that as humans we just keep evolving.  You will always want more.  That will never change.  But if you choose to commit to your home being the home you really need it to be NOW so that you are able to live that epic life you dream of, then the upgrade needs to start now. 




xx J


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