I'm always the one that my friends are like OMG when can you come over?! We're putting everything back since our kitchen remodel and everything is a mess.  

And for some reason I always say, I want to help you sort all that stuff out!

THE INNER HOUSEKEEPER inside of me just can't deal knowing someones house isn't in not only perfect working order but it also drop dead gorgeous in the process.  

And I run, don't walk, over there, putting all other projects and assignments that may be pending on hold.  That clutter is calling to be CLEARED!

Here's the plan we created yesterday at my friends place, the steps to getting the house sorted, and looking stunning.  

1) REMOVE SOMETHING, 99% of the time there is something to take out of your room.  Often a gorgeous interior space means being selective around the awesome pieces you choose.  The best of the best!

2) TOSS THE CLUTTER, all that random stuff lying around, well it either has a place to live and function in your life or it doesn't.  Clothes out, HANG 'EM UP; PUT IT AWAY; papers and bills, KEEP THEM IN ONE SPOT WHERE YOU WILL BE USING YOUR LAPTOP; random stuff that you brought home from some party or someone gave you something and you accepted to be nice but if you're really honest you won't actually use it, TOSS IT; something is broken and you would actually use it if it was fixed, FIX IT.  OK, your clutter always fits into one of these categories take action on ONE PILE OF CLUTTER NOW.   

3) CLEAN.  Clean.  Clean.  Clean.  Once all the stuff has been edited and clutter put away or tossed its time to really start ENJOYING YOUR HOME.  And the NUMBER ONE WAY TO REALLY REALLY ENJOY YOUR HOME is when it functions with ease and flow, when it's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and when it's is sparkling clean.  This past weekend I was leaving early Saturday morning for a short trip out of town, but before I left I got up early and just knew that I wanted to clean and SPARKLE UP MY ROOM  a bit so that when I come home on Sunday IT FEELS LIKE A FRESH HOTEL ROOM.  So practice keeping your surfaces clean, wiped down, and never let yourself get in the habit of putting stuff on the floor.  


xx J

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