I'm in the BEST MOOD!

I’m in the BEST MOOD!

Let me come over and re-arrange your living room! 

Seriously, your sofa is facing the wrong way; it’s blocking the flow of the room.  Open it up, flip everything around, and bring in more lamps with shades for that gorgeous ambient lighting.


I just had the pleasure of spending time at one of my all time favorite clients houses, when I had a light blub moment.  Standing in the living room (except they are so cute and actually this room the lodge), I was feeling frustrated, and took me a few minutes to figure out why. 

I walked out of the room, and back in again, I knew what was bothering me!  Sofa is totally blocking the energy and flow!  Nothing I hate more then when stuff is blocking energy and flow. 


Quickly I edited out a few pieces (I always try to remove one or two pieces first in any room).  And flipped all of the pieces to basically be a mirror image of what was there before.  But the results have created a gorgeous WELCOME ENERGY.   And now I’m in the best mood. 


Being a water sign I am really sensitive to how things flow.  Whether its having a clear surface on my dining table, having clear spaces to enter a room and feel the room is receiving my energy gracefully (and not overwhelmed with too much clutter or furniture that doesn’t make sense), to eliminating clutter once and for all. 


GET IN THE FLOW with your home and watch how much better your mood becomes. 





xx J 




P.S. if you’re ready to start living that flow based life, to start rocking your most badass self at home and in your life.  I know you love beauty and great design.  And love the idea of stopping clutter before it has a chance to start.  YOUR SEXY FIERCE HOME workshop is starting soon, sign up HERE and get all the details!