I think I've spent far too long not really owning me and what I'm doing in the world.

I've spent years not really owning that I'm a dancer, that I'm a designer. Or that I'm a change agent in the world.

And I know you see me. And have wanted me to simply see myself.

This year I've committed to owning this awesome sauce that frankly we all have. And one thing has come to be known as truth for me in this process.

When I own my awesome, I can in turn appreciate you more as well. When I know that I am enough, I can appreciate all that you bring too.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to realize this! WTF wink emoticon

When I take care of my needs, when I give myself everything that I deeply desire, I can finally realize that I am enough.

So if you're ever unsure if you are enough too, just remember that the answer is YES. Yes you are enough. And yes what you desire is important.

And the coolest part is when you choose to be the shining light that you are, you will light up everywhere that you go.

So do what ever you need to do to feel fabulous, to feel amazing.

It will be worth it!

Have an amazing Friday, take some time today to be amazing, to rock out like the bad ass you know you were born to be.

xx J

And if you have any questions around how to own your awesome inside your home, whether it's about just clearing out what you don't need, or creating a new high vibe space, LET ME KNOW!

I'm wondering if you would love to have access to a private group that I'm thinking of creating just for you? I would be able to help you with your questions, give you ideas, insights and some resources?