Every night when I lay down and my head hits the pillow, I’m going over the events of the day.

Did I make the impact I wanted to make today in my business and in my life?
Did I have all of the fun and freedom I was craving?

Tomorrow I want to make a bigger impact!
Tomorrow I want to have more fun!
Tomorrow I want to feel more free god damn it!!!

And I hope in the morning I’m somehow inspired!?
In the morning I hope I feel excited to try again.

In the morning I want to feel like I deserve all the things I want to feel.

Of course I deserve to feel that way!
Of course I do.

But sometimes I loose track of this.
Sometimes I fool myself into thinking that I should put my needs last.

But you know what lately I find myself saying, “F’ THAT! I am a diva-goddess-queen-bitch who wants it all.”

My needs need to come first.
It’s a must actually.

I know deep down how much better I do through out my day when my needs are put first.

So what makes me feel like a diva-goddess-queen-bitch?

That place where I start and end my day.
That place where I feel loved, adored and desired.
That place where I can totally let go of everything.
That place that makes me feel like I can start again tomorrow with a fresh new attitude.

That place?

That place is my sexy (as fuck) bedroom.

My bedroom which by the way at first I didn’t have a headboard and didn’t have a rug or a sofa, or the right pillows or the right sheets.

Until one day I knew I needed to make the Diva-Goddess-Queen-Bitch inside of me feel satisfied.

Since I’ve now invested in creating a SEXY ASS SANCTUARY, that is all decked out with the right kind of big fluffy pillows, with amazingly soft sheets, with fur throw blankets, with a crazy tall linen tufted headboard, with a crystal garden, a cozy love seat, a large bold desk and a big black leather bad ass diva desk chair, is now where I lay my head each night.

Suddenly this is now the favorite room in our house.

The energy is pulsing with awesomeness that draws you in.

My friends want to hang out on my bed and have girl talk for hours, to the point where I have to kick them out! wink emoticon

I think it’s because we all want to feel sexy (AF), cool (AF), loved (AF), desired (AF).

And I know that we want to be OBNOXIOUS SHOW OFFS, watching as our girlfriends jaws drop to the floor when they see where we get to curl up every night.

The thing is it was just a matter of choosing to focus on what flavor of SEXY (AF) BEDROOM I most desired. And then I went out there and just made it happen once and for all.

I know that the way I feel at the end of my day, the way I feel at the start of my day are all directly linked to the over the top totally gorgeous SEXY (AF) BEDROOM I’ve created.

Want to know more?

Would you be interested in hearing some of my tricks I used to make sure the diva-goddess-queen-bitch inside of satisfied?

I’ve been thinking of sharing some of these ideas with you.

Does that sound like something you would want to know more about?

xx J