I’ve decided what my standards are for my home.

So everyday I know what my standards are for:
• Keeping the bed properly fluffed
• Taking out the rubbish
• Keeping the kitchen sink clean and clear
• And keeping my bathroom glamed up like me

Its just a matter of deciding.

Decide what your standards are for how you keep your home.

It’s not about spending hours and hours everyday.


It’s about developing a system now based on your standards for how you want your home to always be.

The thing is it’s really simple to just decide that you will keep your home a certain way.

This is literally what I do.

I just decide.

Then it’s a non negotiable for me for my home to get too far out of control.

And the truth is, I only spend a few minutes here and there each day to keep it up.

I’m not spending hours and hours tidying.

Hell no!

No way. That’s just not how I roll. I’m way to practical to spend my precious hours slaving away on cleaning that doesn’t make sense for me personally to do.

I’m all about leveraging my time around the house.

And I have a standard that I always want my spaces to be properly fluffed and put a sparkle on just like a freshly tended hotel room is when you come home at night.

So that’s my standard.


To put it simply I’ve selected the excact things that are allowed in my room.

Just like a hotel room.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Now that my decorative items, furniture and artwork are properly curated. I enlist a housekeeper to come once a month to keep up the floors, bathrooms, the surfaces, all the heavy cleaning.

If she’s $25/hour and I’m able to charge $150 to $300/hour in my business then it clearly does not make sense to do the cleaning myself.

Plus I really dispise cleaning. It is not my zone of genius and inspiration.

And since I’m super stuck up bitch about what I choose to do with my time, I’m pretty clear that the deep cleaning does not fall into my relm of need to do personally.

Added bonus everyone in the house benefits from this. Plus-plus it takes a great deal of any tension that would arise if the deep cleaning was to be shared by the family members.

And lastly something I’ve been wanting to talk about lately.


You know that it takes a village do do all sorts of things. Like run your business. Raise your children. All great things in life take a village.

But somehow in the America the women have accepted this role of needing to do everything. Raise the kids, clean the house and generate income, plus have time for their own fun and freedom.

And frankly it shocks me how many women still don’t think about just coughing up the couple extra bucks a month to have someone who is good at the deep cleaning do it for you.


Back to my daily checklist for the quick tidy-up I do so that my rooms feel fresh, clean and inspiring to be in.

Sheets and duvet laundered once a week, CHECK

Fluff the down comforter and pillows, bed is made, CHECK

Decorative accessories, books and plants that are allowed, CHECK

Removal of all unwanted random crap that somehow comes into my life, CHECK

Feather and Down pillows for my bed, CHECK

Side note here, invest in the proper pillows, SERIOUSLY!

I can’t stress this enough.

Use (2) sleeping pillows per side of the bed, I like one more flat and more fluffy for each side of the bed.

Use (2) for full/queen, (3) for a king bed Euro Shams with fills. Remember, feather and down is essential.


It’s the worst thing ever.

Accent pillow optional.

Cozy throw blanket and or blanket at the foot of the bed are great to have!

Oh yeah back to my daily check list…..

Dishes loaded in the dishwasher, throw ‘em in, turn it on, done, CHECK

Quickly wash away food stuff out of the sink so its clean, CHECK

Put away blow dryer, make-up and other stuff, CHECK

Upon leaving my bathroom, I grab a hand towel, just wipe counter and the faucet so they’re clean and dry, CHECK

Take out any necessary rubbish, CHECK

That’s really it.

But it’s the commitement to simply doing those extra little things that mean your spaces feel fresh and clean, ready for the next person to use and enjoy!

And remember it’s only supposed to take a few minutes!

So this may mean for now you need to create a system for your home, first of which means getting rid of the crap that’s creapt in, that doesn’t make your heart jump for joy, has ALL. GOT. TO. GO.

Like now if not sooner.

Get it to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, friends and family ASAP.

The sooner you’re free of stuff that weighs you down the sooner you can set yourself free.

So get your TIDY-UP on!

Like now.

Set yourself free from ever feeling sad, depressed, uninspired and weighed down by your home again.

xx J

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