Decide what direction to go in by asking yourself these questions:


Do you need privacy?  What kind?  Sheer coverage or more substantial?

Do you need to control the natural light?  Daytime sun heating up your room?  Or causing glare?  Or do you need black out to help let the baby sleep in the morning/nap time? 

Does this room need a layer of luxe that curtains add? 


Here’s my breakdown on how to get classic and chic windows….


Prevent daytime glare + keep view clear when not in use, SUNSHADES

Use the woven type that has various options for how much of the view they allow in.  Black allows the eye to see the view better, where as white stops your eye from seeing out as easily.  If you can get away with having black shades that go with the décor then you may prefer these.  But in many cases black would be too intense, go with a color that matches the window frame or wall color.  

AVOID: the accordion solid shades, hate feeling claustrophobic and they are incredibly ugly. 


Controlled light for all times of the day, WOOD BLINDS

My absolute favorite are 2” wood blinds (available in wood stains to match your hardwood floors or white to match the window trim depending on your décor).  Simply tilt the wood slats open or closed with out needing to raise and lower the entire shade.  Also the closed position creates privacy at night, and you can have full control over the amount of light you want.  Only time you shouldn’t use these is when you have a killer view that you want to keep clear.    


Some privacy and cuts down on daytime glare, SHEER CURTAINS

These could be the only layer you use in the living room.  Or they are part of a double layer you need in the bedroom.  Sheers closed for daytime, getting ready, and the full curtains for total privacy and light control at night and for sleeping. 


For privacy and added layer of luxury, CURTAINS

Linen or wool in a shade that is close to the wall color or close to the window trim color are my favorite.  It’s luxe and modern. 


Details and installation

Mount sunshades and blinds inside the window frame, if the frame allows this.  Hopefully there are no window cranks or controls that will be in the way of the shade hanging straight.  If there are, then you will need to do an outside mounted shade/blind.    

Sheer and regular curtains, choose either a tailor pleat, grommet or ripple fold for how the curtain is detailed at the top.  Be sure to use full length curtains that touch the floor.  

Mount the curtain hardware a few inches above and few inches wider then the outside of the window casing when possible. 

AVOID: mounting the hardware on the window casing if you can, it looks much better.  

AVOID: curtains that have rod pockets or tab tops, those are a major buzz kill.  Also be sure to do full-length, because short curtains look like flood water pants?! 


Use these tips when you’re shopping for window coverings for a cool & classic look, which will prevent you from drab decor!


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Happy decorating,


xx J