From San Francisco

to New York City and Miami Beach, I worked for 12 years in high end residential interior design.  Warm Organic Modern, Casual and Eclectic, Life Enhancing Minimalism and Feng Shui.  All of which inspired me to open my own boutique design firm 6 years ago in S.F.      

Decorating with soul

Create a deep connection with your home by cleansing and clearing the rooms.  Release what you no longer need, bring in modern, classic + cool designs you will love.  


Essentials For Your Home

Most homeowners focus on

shopping, selecting and buying items.  While needing to focus more on the project plan and vision in order to successfully purchase the correct items.  

Maybe you’re not comfortable

with how to determine the right layout for your space, or you feel stuck trying to envision what items will look good together, or maybe you don't know how to decide what size everything should be.  

Wherever you are at,

if you need someone who can partner with you to create a clear design + decorating vision, while keeping your budget and schedule as a priority, I can help.  

Most Importantly

if you're moving into a new home or planning on remodeling, I know that you need to start making these design decisions now.



From My Clients 

"Julie is a brilliant designer, her attention to detail combined with her knowledge of the needs of her client create the synergy that you want in a design professional!"  Home Owner, San Francisco, CA

"Even though I have great taste, I was frustrated after buying and returning items when would come home to discover they didn't go together.  I ended up saving money and made better investments when I hired Julie to help me curate my style."  Fashion Designer + Home Owner, San Francisco, CA

"Julie is an amazing person to work with in every aspect of the design process.  She has impeccable taste with a fun style and is organized, honest and delightful to work with."  Home Owner, Miami Beach, FL