Growing up I experienced my mother’s house that was full of exotic Asian artifacts she brought back from her many trips to India, Japan and Indonesia. On weekends visiting my Dad and step mom’s high rise apartment in downtown San Francisco, I got to experience the complete opposite. Their place was furnished with cutting edge 60’s Modernism from New York City. Such contrasting life styles within my family gave me the appreciation of truly diverse environments of color, form and harmony.

The biggest turning point in my life was when my mothers best friend, Jane Antonacci, of Jane Antonnaci and Associates, asked me to join her firm as one of her prized interns. Working for a firm that was located in California’s Silicon Valley was incredibly exciting.  Being behind the scenes to assist her in styling Designer Showcase Houses and visiting all of the top showrooms in San Francisco became a normal experience for me at the young age of 16.

My designs voice lead me to work with Scavullo Design in San Francisco.   The projects diversity was an incredible experience.  From French Country Toile, updated Art Deco, Modernism, Rustic Camps in Carmel Valley, to New York City Park Avenue Luxury.

I quickly fell in love with New York City and connected with the internationally renowned Clodagh Design. Clodagh’s "Life Enhancing Minimalism" is a style that allowed me forged the foundation of my own tastes and sensibilities.

After 12 years working for these industry giants the opportunity to open Julie Babin Design, became a reality!  Six years in the making I have had the pleasure of designing projects in New York City, Miami Beach, San Francisco and Napa.  

Through Clarity, Vision, Collaboration and Fun JBD will create a home for you that will bring comfort, beauty, peace and artful living.  Come join us in the collaboration process!

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